Pet Policy

The whole family is welcome at Murray River Holiday Park, we are pet-friendly all year around. 


  • All pets must be leashed, controlled at all times & remain tethered within your powered site boundaries
  • All pets cannot be left unattended at any time in the park, this means when you leave for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they must go with you and not be left locked inside your caravan or cabin
  • Owners are responsible for their pet/s and any mess at all times (including the digging of holes in the grass), please pick up after them
  • Owners take full responsibility for any personal injury caused by their dog whilst within the confines of the park and are responsible for any claims of compensation
  • Pets are not permitted in the pool area, amenity block, BBQ area, or non-pet-friendly cabin accommodation at any time, in or around the verandas. Guests found with a pet inside any non-pet-friendly cabin accommodation will be evicted immediately
  • Washing of dog accessories/ clothing etc. is not permitted in the laundry washing machines
  • At no time can any pets be locked/ sleep in a car while staying here 

Pet-Friendly Cabin:
All policies apply above as well as the following: 

  • Pets inside our pet-friendly cabin are not permitted on the couch or bed (extra fees apply if the washing of bedding is required)
  • Pets cannot be tethered to the outside of your pet-friendly cabin whilst you are not with them (short leash at all times and remain tethered within your powered site boundaries)
  • Limited to two pets per pet-friendly cabin
  • Pets can not be left inside a car or dog trailer at any time, including at night 

$20.00 per pet per night all year round for cabins
$20.00 per pet per night for peak periods (Christmas and Easter periods only) for powered sites 

Not all Murray River Holiday Parks cabins are pet-friendly. Please read the description of each cabin before placing a booking.
Please note, MRHP will take NO responsibility for guests arriving with a pet if your booking has been made online via a third-party booking for a non-pet-friendly room. Guest/s will be asked to place any pets in alternate care for the duration of their stay at guest/s' own cost. If the guest/s chooses to leave and not stay, no refund will be given. Pet/s can NOT be left in the car overnight or tied up to a cabin.